Male human and female dragon fanfiction

Male human and female dragon fanfiction

This story is a prequel to another story of mine, published in my account should you seek to read it after this: The Dragon Tamer. It was a plotless smut, but I love the characters so here is the story of how they met and things progressed. Those are the warnings. If you dislike either topic, please do not leave messages about how evil it is, because that hurts my feelings and the feelings of readers who like it. If you are a reader who likes it, please review the following information that is important to the plot.

These are things about my fictional world and you will be a little confused it you don't read this part. It is a huge nation ruled by humans, but at the time this is written, they only live in small villages. They have guns and some tracking equipment the "technology" referred to. Mankri : The Dragonic Lands. An even more vast land, a continent, really, that is ruled by dragons and of course is the origin of the species. Some make journeys to see it, though, so it's a toss-up if the dragon you are speaking to has or hasn't been there.

The language they and all dragons naturally speak is Mankrisch.

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It is a language of growls, roars, and other sounds only dragons can make. That's the important stuff, I guess. There's more details I want to rant about but they won't be important here. If you like this, please read my other stories and visit my blog at blindcat There you can get updates, new content, my occasional terrible art, and ask me or my questions whatever suits you.

Being a dragon is a whole lot harder than most humans think. They all want to be us — well, all the ones that aren't Hunters — without considering what challenges come with living the kind of life we do.

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They only see the surface; to them, we are majestic creatures, fighting off those that want to harm us with ease and trying to befriend the humans that let us. That couldn't be much more foolish. We were once much more powerful than mankind, and we did fight them off with ease, but in recent years, they have found ways to use their new technology in terrible ways.

Suddenly, our might is not so valuable, and we are actually experiencing the fear we have not felt for many millennia, since we left the Elvish lands. Not all humans are equipped as the Hunters, though, and though most respect us, all are wary because we are more powerful in direct conflict.

There are many small human villages, spread just so that they do not leave adequate spaces between for a dragon to claim his territory. Some more friendly ones will make the humans their subjects and cohabitate with them, but most are solitary, like me, and refuse such. It took me over a year to find my first cave, and after several battles with rivals, I have been forced out of it and three others. The one I am in now is far too close to humans for my taste, but they are more afraid than most, and do not venture very far from their fences.

The worst issue of being a dragon, though, is mating. There are those who prefer frivolous relationships, females who mate with any male they deem strong enough or males who mate with any willing female, but ultimately, all want to find a lifelong partner. It is our kind's curse: we are intelligent and sentient beings who desire much the same things as humans, but at the same time, we are only animals and cannot always resist the urge to fling ourselves into passionate throes.

I've mated with many females in my seven hundred years of life, but not once have I found one who I wished to stay with, and they left my territory in only weeks.

I once mated with a curious and sweet male, and though the experience was perhaps more interesting than my prior exploits, he was killed a month after our meeting by a clan who found his actions By sheer luck, I escaped, but it left quite the impression.

There are only two real sins to most of dragonkind: to mate with one of your own sex, and to mate with a human. Things like murder are a common result of territory wars, and the killing of humans is tradition to some.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Set during the events of Mass Effect 3, in between the Cerberus Coup and the Fall of Thessia, this is the story of a human meeting back with his alien lover.

An emotional tale of hiding emotions, of building up frustrations, of letting go, of trust, camaraderie, love and hope in front of overwhelming doom. A retelling of the old story about the Reed and the Oak, about bending to the wind or standing tall and proud.

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This story features explicit content and lewd activities. Illustrations done by Palavenmoon. This story is told from the point of view of the human male.

Hi I will need help with this with people because I have autism and I am trying this by myself. I will need help with names and stuff. If you have a few ideas please don't hesitate to comments i would love to hear your thoughts on this please because it will help. Also I have a fanfiction on deviantart that has ideas that you can yourself if you want to and the only way you can find it is go on google and type this Chapter Dragonriders of pern crossover and go to the first chapter ti understand it.

Mitch Monroe is a man out of a time long forgotten. A man of unknown occupation, he is thrust back into the world he left to repay a debt to an old friend.

When the job turns complicated, and a new friends life is at stake, Mitch must make a choice, one in which the lives of those he cares and once cared about hang in the balance. A quiet afternoon on a turian colony, when a turian officer and her human bondmate fall into a moment of sensual self indulgence For anyone curious about the morality of Valni, Kenneth, Gabby, et al.

A short lewd story about a turian and a human, both members of the Citadel Security force, that discover that they have more in common that they originally thought. A short tale about their camaraderie becoming something more. Cole Hartford is a small town ER doc, on yet another slow shift, until his life is instantly thrown into disarray.It had been a long quest for our traveller, but after braving the cold frozen conditions of the icy mountain; he had finally scaled his way to the top.

Shame there were no others to witness this amazing feat, but either way he'd be coming home with a lot of treasure. The traveller faced the mouth of the cave; earlier there had been a lot of rumbling, and tremors.

But he couldn't see anything from the mouth of the cave. He looked further in feeling like he was about to be swallowed up by the intimidating feature. Slowly he entered, and warily looked around looking out for any signs of danger. Things seemed mostly quiet, but an eerie sort of quiet. The traveller continued walking further in; the darkness began to envelop him; making him look back at the cave entrance.

His only source of light was beginning to get weak. He soon however noticed another source of light; a bright warm golden glow in the distance. At once his eyes lit up, and in a hurry he paced forwards legs charged with excitement.

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Upon turning the corner; he held his mouth from emitting a loud cheer. The traveller had just struck gold. And what a pile of gold it was; an absolute heap of treasure before his very glowing eyes. He came closer greedily observing every detail. He noticed a giant sapphire, and his arms extended towards it snatching it from its gold nest. After helping himself to that; he gathered many other shiny objects.

The traveller had a backpack big enough to carry a lot of loot. He had brought along a sledge also to pull with him. When he was satisfied that he had collected enough; he turned slowly and pressed on with the weight of the backpack holding him down. No sooner had he left, that he heard a loud rumble.

The traveller ignored the tremor, and continued. He moved slowly, but soon found himself sweating. It had suddenly grown quite hot in the cave, so hot in fact that he had to stop and sling his backpack off. He caught his breath, but for some reason he froze on the spot. The human turned slowly feeling like he was being watched.While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. Pokemon short stories By : thatguywiththeface Published : February 26, Morning Glory By : thezenfrog Published : May 4, Ash's mom asks May to go wake up her heavy sleeper of a son. Once the girl goes to wake him, she sees something that sparks her curiosity.

I may make a sequel to this story. That is, if I can think of a good one for it. May and Drew head to Johto together and stop by to visit professor Elm. Things are going to get hot in this lab. No matter how hard she tries, Emily just can't seem to defeat Blaine. So when a suspicious man offers her a Volcano Badge in exchange for something else, she agrees to his terms.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. A string of murders lands the Champion of Kirkwall in jail and threatens to topple the reforms that Kirkwall's new Viscount implemented in the city to better the lives of elves. The Inquisition, in the meantime, is coming to an end. While Lavellan wants nothing more but to go back in time, bad habits rear their heads in Commander Cullen, Josephine deals with a heart that keeps on breaking, and Leliana has trouble reaching out.

After months of flirtation, a contract on Josephine's life brings Adaar's feelings for her closer to the surface than ever. It highlights, too, all of their differences, all of the reasons a relationship between them would not last. But Adaar is a hopeful woman at heart; if Josephine can set all trappings aside, then so can she.

How Morrigan and Cassandra got together and why it works, what happens after Corypheus and then some. Lady Constance Elise Comtois, a famous Orlesian bard, offers her knowledge, voice, and deadly skills to the Inquisition. Cullen Rutherford instantly dislikes this masked human chameleon Inquisitor Adaar invites to Skyhold. It is not just her origins and profession he abhors. Her alluring beauty and siren-like qualities draw him closer into her lyrium blue eyes like a new unbreakable addiction.

It is not like the War Council has time for such a masked ridiculous elitist. Espionage, murder, sex, and hidden treasure awaits the Inner Circle. To survive the Grand Game, they must know how to dance through its cutthroat twists and turns to achieve victory. If failures, all living beings no matter their station share the same fate: death. When Hawke is presumed dead trying to save the world, there is little her friends can do except follow her as they always have and try to get her back.

All the world, from Kirkwall to Skyhold is in ruin, but between them there might be enough to help Thedas back from the chasm's edge. Elissa Cousland has returned. Breaking into Skyhold to spend her first night back away from all others. To simply enjoy being with her wife, Leliana. A game of wicked grace is to be played and how is anyone suppose to stand a chance against Josephine without a bit of cheating?

Lavellan is trying to distract her girlfriend by being seductive a little tease. The jump was supposed to end things, not give her a new beginning.

male human and female dragon fanfiction

But here she was, in a world of magic and impossible things like the tiny dragon who was essentially her new impulse control, armed with a renewed sense of purpose and the power to summon storms with the snap of her fingers. With nothing but a desperate hope to finally live the life she had always wanted, she was going to help the Inquisition fix the hole in the sky even if it killed her.

Oh, and the fantasy lumberjack guy living all by himself in a cabin in the woods was a plus. Josephine has listened to a bit too much of the Iron Bull's talk of playing.

She demands her lover tie her up too with fantastic results. Kassandra finds herself in a world not her own, from Misthios to the bodyguard of the Herald of Andraste. With no certainty of being able to return to her world, the world wary Kassandra finds a new place to finally call home. One worth saving. The Trevelyans and the Montilyets have maintained a strong relationship for decades, the two most prominent daughters of the Houses never crossing paths Now, with world-ending circumstances, such a gap has finally come to a close.

Young Lady Alyve Trevelyan, the black sheep of her family and whom they are now calling the Herald of Andraste, finds herself drawn to the illustrious Ambassador Josephine Montilyet, a woman with deep-rooted political connections and a determination for the Inquisition's success.Log in Sign Up. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal dragon. Active tags. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest.

All Time 30 Days All Time. At The Stake Villagers burn the wrong woman at the stake. Kerann returns home. The Cursed St. Taking Flight A hunter chooses between his old life The Beginning: Ch. A Dragon's Tale Ch. Unconquered Pt. Without power, without hope! Night of the Toys In Digital Dominion living toys are let loose. Friendship in the Far South A storm comes. Two explorers face peril in the polar south.

Request: When Dragons Compete Two dragons demand attention from an elf. Explosive Results Lyani, a spiral dragon, is arranged to a dragon much larger. Caught In-Between Thief finds herself stuck between two heated dragons. Chile Couple enjoy quick fuck using dragon themed toys The Lair of the Green Dragons Pt.

Tablet Master Ch. But satisfaction brought her back. Tentacle Trappings A male-herm dragon falls into some tentacle fun Adrius' Noble Adventure - Intro A tale of a femboy's quest for fantasy creatures' she-cocks.

Sweet Beginnings Loving his werewolf sweetheart even in her human form. Ryndir's Heat, Tristan's Tricks A miscalculation on a dragon's heat cycle. Starry Resonance Ch. People die.

male human and female dragon fanfiction

New places. Same old questions. His Fiery End "Saved" by a dragon. Fine Tuning A planned kidnapping gets more heated than expected. Behind Closed Doors, Dragonly A dragon lord's pent up release.The creature remained still.

Gaging my reaction, with its yellow eyes expressing confusion as to why I wasn't running away from it. For a long minute, I stood there as he tilted his head lower. Trying to convey that he wouldn't hurt me, I'm sure. But I've known him my whole life, since I moved next door to his family when I was three, so I knew he would never want to hurt me.

Slowly, I reached my hand out and placed it on top of the dragon's head. The creature made a sigh of relief, though, sounding more like a grunt.

male human and female dragon fanfiction

It startled me and I flinch but kept my hand on him. I step closer to it, "Lucas, it's… really you? He pushes the top of his snout into my chest and closes his eyes, humming lightly. The action makes me smile, and gives me courage to touch him more. I tested the texture of him, feeling the dark scales under my fingertips.

His armored skin was hard and sharp. But also warm to the touch and seemed to move with my ministrations as I ran my hand down over the side of the beast's face to its cheek. He shook suddenly, bristling the scales under my fingers causing a scale to pierce me under my finger. I gasp at the pain, yanking my hand away from him and held my now bleeding hand tightly. I turned away from him, not wanting him to see that he had hurt me, but it didn't take much intelligence to realize that I had been.

Hot, but now human hands, wrapped around my own, "Let me see…" He demands softly, pressing his naked chest up against my back as observes my injury from over my shoulder.

Lightly, he loosens the grip I have on my injured hand. Lucas then tilts the injured one from side to side getting a good look at the cut.

And I immediately look away from the blood. The sight and smell of blood has always made me feel queasy, even though growing up I hadn't gotten hurt often. It probably had been because Lucas was always there. Catching me when I slip or stopping me from falling, and it didn't matter where. I made him climb trees with me, hike over the large rocks, and many times crossing the fast river to get to more rocks and trees.

I held my breath, trying not to smell the filthy rusted-iron of my blood, as he calmly assessed me. His breath softly landing on the side of my neck. I tried not to think about the cut or the fact that my best friend, who I just now learned can transform into a dragon, is now pressing his naked body against mine.

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Was he ashamed or did he think it would freak me out? I mean he didn't tell me he would turn into a dragon when he stopped us on our hike to our favorite spot in the forest. And I didn't really expect to see him to turn into a dragon when he said 'Allie, I need to show you something. But my heart stilled when I saw him hesitate before pulling his T-shirt over his head, effectively tousling his dark hair along with it.

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