Safewell safe review

Safewell safe review

Having confidence and being proud that the water system in your new home produces safe and abundant water for your family is priceless. Our team of specialists guide you through the inspection, testing and monitoring process from A-Z giving you peace of mind! We remove any concerns about owning a home with a well. I had an issue with the water volume for my home. Safewell was attentive to the matter. They looked at my well and the plumbing around it.

They ran several troubleshooting steps to resolve the water volume. Ultimately, they connected me with a plumber that ran several tests and determined that the water heater was the problem, because it was unable to keep up with demand. This conclusion led to contacting the manufacturer of the water heater.

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Finally, the issue was resolved after taking necessary steps the manufacturer said was needed. Without Safewell initial interaction, I would have spent unnecessary money to fix this issue.

We have had our water tested annually 3 times now, starting in Jan, Everyone who has stopped by the house has been right on time, courteous and very knowledgable. We have had some minor issues with the water quality which we have discussed with them. But so far, we are just monitoring things. In the fall ofwe had a leak develop in the pipe that goes from the well under the house to the tank inside our basement.

We called Safewell and they recommended that we have Northeast Water Wells come and look at the problem. The people from Northeast Water Wells came and were able to run a new pex tube inside the existing tube, which saved us a lot of work and money. We are very happy with the work that Safewell has done for us.

They are always willing to help out and are not pushy. Thanks Jason, Tom, Dan, and Liz for everything you do to help us continue to have safe and healthy water. Schedule an Inspection. Buying a home with a well? You need both a home inspection and a separate well inspection.Sally Jones Updated: April 16, 1 Comment.

To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. Our review process. Do you worry about home intruders or in-home workers stealing your most precious possessions? Even if you have a home security system, a home safe can provide an added layer of security against burglars, as well as protecting your valuables from repairmen, housekeepers or other visitors.

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Getting a home safe is a wise investment. Just consider the statistics.

safewell safe review

More than 2 million burglaries are reported in the U. Whether you want to protect your valuables against fire, flood or burglary, getting a safe is a small price for peace of mind. Whether you just want a simple money safe or more space for important documents, jewelry and other valuables, we have you covered to make a smart choice.

Before we launch into our reviews, there are several factors you should consider when shopping around for the best safe for home use. Our best home safe reviews give you our top picks for all kinds of safes, including security features, pros and cons, pricing and much more.

We do include one gun safe in our reviews but check out our full gun safe reviews for more. View on Amazon. The First Alert DF is our top choice for the best home safe. This model is a triple threat, offering excellent defense against fire, water and theft.

safewell safe review

This SentrySafe model and our top pick share a lot of the same great features. What are the main differences? And the SentrySafe SFWDSB has a combination lock rather than a digital lock, so it takes more time to open not ideal if you want to store a handgun for home protection. But SentrySafe has four thick one-inch bolts for added security. If you live in a high humidity climate, SentrySafe could be your better choice.

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This safe consists of thick steel plates, two solid steel locking bolts and hidden pry-resistant hinges for added security. One of the big pluses of this safe is that it has no interior humidity issues granted, this problem stems from waterproofing technology with other safes. But if you want to store medications or other items that are extremely humidity sensitive in your safe, the Honeywell is a safe bet. Want a quick side-by-side view of our best home safe winners? Each of these safes deserves serious consideration, depending on your security needs.

The Barska Biometric Safe is an affordable and sturdy home safe. This safe is firearm certified and has fingerprint technologymaking it quick and easy to open. And it comes with bolting hardware so you can mount it to the floor or shelving. The Barska Biometric Safe is one of the best small home safes on the market.Being a responsible gun owner, you do not just keep a gun in your closet, drawer or kitchen cabinet, would you?

In terms of Fortress safes, however, certain factors should be considered. Peace of mind is one thing and security is another. If you were buying a Fortress gun safe, would you get both? However, the company has proven to be reputable based on the service and wide array of products for home security, mobile security, pistol security and heavy-duty gun cabinets it offers.

The company claims to offer the future of security products, as they keep on improving based from what consumers need. Fortress was the first-ever to produce a cabled cash cabinet or box as well as the first mobile safe that comes with organization functionality. They also produced the first home safe that works with a programmable interior light and alarm.

In addition, they are the only ones in the North American Region to launch security with extra diversion products. It is understood that this company is concerned of value aside from safety and security as shown in their programmable dial lock and dual key and cash box offers. Fortress safes are resilient, as each product is conceptualized, designed and made to protect and to keep your valuable investment in a safe place.

They are known innovative and trendy, as the company keeps launching and producing new products occasionally.

Despite changes and improvements, Fortress keeps it main mission to provide only high quality and durable products to its wide customer network. When designing a safe, Fortress sets the bar high as they keep on focusing what the main purpose of the product is. They concentrate on the functionality of every safe and always see to it that it meets user demands and needs.

In addition, they do not only innovate in the design but also to build better products. Fortress offers cash boxes, mobile safes and home safes that are theft deterrent and secured. It offers guns safes that are equipped with a recessed door, notched-bolt and steel bolts to protect your guns from theft. Another benefit worth mentioning is that their product come with fire-resistant materials to keep your items safe for up to degrees F for one and a half hour.

Simplicity in design makes things even easier. Fortress safes come with electronic programmable locks and door organizer. All their products are also backed up with guarantee, so no worries! A quality safe should work as the owner expects it to, and we find Fortress safes to keep up the marks.Best Korea Fireproof Safe.

Best Home Safe: First Alert vs SentrySafe vs Honeywell vs Barska vs Stack-On & More

Shop Bumil SD. Best Korea Fireproof Digital Safe. Shop Bumil ESD. Shop Bumil MSD. Modern Finger Print Safe. Shop HS Series. Peace of mind with Alarm and Audit Trail. Shop HK Series. The best burget for personal use. Shop TK Safes.

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Heavy and Strong Euro Safe. Shop BRF Safes. Classic with Personal Code. Shop AAK Series.

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Gold in color. Shop BK Series. Modern with Finger Print Safe. Shop QF Series. Gold in color with interior design for modern user. Shop GK Series. Luxury interior for modern user. Shop FFP Series. Super Strong with modern custom interior design.

Shop USA Grace. Luxury made for modern user. Shop Japan Imperial.The purpose of the SafeWell Practice Guidelines is to provide a model, strategies, and resources for integrated approaches to worker health that foster strategic coordination of policies, programs, and practices designed to simultaneously prevent work-related injuries and illnesses and enhance overall health and wellbeing at work and home.

Included are descriptions of organizational processes, selected concrete tools, and links to other existing tools and resources to build, implement, and evaluate comprehensive worksite health programs.

Examples from the field illustrating comprehensive approaches to worker health are drawn from experiences at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care. SafeWell Practice Guidelines pages. To download this document, please provide the following information.

We may email you in the future to learn how our resource is being used in your organization.

safewell safe review

Thank you. Skip to main content. Examples from the field illustrating comprehensive approaches to worker health are drawn from experiences at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care Download complete document SafeWell Practice Guidelines pages Download individual components Executive Summary Introduction Chapter 1: Providing the foundation Chapter 2: Program planning Chapter 3: Implementation Chapter 4: Evaluation and continual improvement.

X Download the document. First name. Last name. Close Submit.The quality of our drinking water is directly linked to the quality of our lives. Our clean water initiative allows us to have an impact by ensuring safe water for ourselves, our families and our communities. The SafeWell Certified Seal is a mark of distinction verifying a private well water system is delivering the highest quality water above public drinking water standards.

We created the SafeWell Certification process to provide assurance to homeowners with wells and prospective buyers of a property with a well that the water system is delivering healthy and safe drinking water.

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Certification is simply validation that a private well water system is operating as designed and delivering the highest quality drinking water for families. The SafeWell Certification program is an initiative to promote the health and safety of private water systems through third-party verification.

More than 1 in 4 private well water systems have at least one contaminant with health risks. The goal of our program is to dramatically reduce the number of residents in New England who are exposed to unhealthy drinking water and to reduce the negative impact on our communities.

Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds! - Mr. Locksmith™ Video

What is SafeWell Certification? SafeWell Certified is a mark of distinction providing well owners with the assurance that the well water system is delivering safe, clean water at or above the public drinking water standards.

Water is one of the essential building blocks of life, yet one in four wells in New England produce drinking water below the public drinking water standards. SafeWell Certification ensures a private water system is functioning at the highest level to deliver safe, healthy drinking water to a home. Our certification process is simple and efficient. The certification process includes annual inspection of the entire water delivery system to measure effectiveness and functionality and comprehensive water testing to assess water quality and quantity.

Over time a water system degrades and water chemistry is always changing. A SafeWell Certification is:. The findings are scored and credits are awarded based on the integrity of construction, functionality, water quality, and quantity output of the system.

The standardized rating system is defined by industry best practices and functional standards.

SafeWell Certified

Completing an annual SafeWell Certification ensures a private water system is functioning properly, delivering the highest quality drinking water at a quantity that is sufficient to meet household needs. How Does It Work? The SafeWell Certification Process is really simple. In order to avoid any confusion, certification of your well water system simply means that the water coming into the home is safe to drink. It's not an extra step in the water testing process.

With some much confusion regarding water quality, we wanted to make it easy for homeowners with wells to have confidence in knowing their well water is safe to drink. Learn More About Our Process.Create your own review. Until I met SafeWell, I never gave much thought to my drinking water. If it came from my faucet I figured it was ok to drink. Now I know better. SafeWell answered all my questions about the results and health implications, quickly installed a treatment system, and explained why it's so important to test and analyze my water every year.

We had a well water test done by Safewell and were so impressed with their knowledge, customer service, and willingness to answer any questions. They promptly came to do testing within 2 days after our call. They provided a comprehensive and detailed report with testing results for a large number of possible contaminants. Both Tommy and Jason followed up to make sure we understood everything in the report. They answered questions and took the time to discuss issues and possible solutions.

It is clear that this company cares about safe drinking water and their customers! We highly recommend their services! Very helpful. Was able to contact same day as the report was issued to talk about potential problems with water. Excellent service. We have found them to be professional, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable in their explanations and advice.

We have now worked with Jason and Tom. Both were extremely responsive, friendly, no pressure and able to answer questions we asked in a way that has helped us to make informed decisions regarding our well water and ensuring that our air quality is good. We have confidence in SafeWell on the important issues of water and air quality so important to maintaining good health and have also referred friends who are equally satisfied.

We worked with SafeWell for water quantity and quality testing prior. Truly professional firm! It was a pleasure to work with Jason who took the time to go over the comprehensive report in detail and helped us make a very well informed decision on the property.

I would highly recommend SafeWell. We called Safewell looking to have routine, and sorely needed work on our water filtration, and softening solution.

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During the course of asking for the softener to be looked at, we were encouraged to test our water for a baseline. We had this done when we moved into the house 13 years ago, but for peace of mind we tested, at the prompting of Dan, who stated by the time we were done our water would not only be safe, but taste great.

In spite of my reservations concerning his bold claim of great water by the finish we bought in, and boy were we glad.

How We Help Well Owners

As a result of testing coliform was found to be in the water we were drinking and bathing in, as well as high levels of sodium very high and radon. The decision, and only real course of action, was to shock the well over 24 hours to eliminate all traces of the bacterial in our pipes and in the well.

We survived that with little inconvenience, and the softener tanks were serviced and reconfigured. After this was done things tasted pretty good, definitely better than before, but things were about to get even better.


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